ProxyMesh Proxy Server Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the proxy servers located?

There are 15 proxy server networks, seven located in the US, and one each in the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. The locations you get access to depend on the plan you choose:

  • PROXYMESH_10: access to 1 proxy server network
  • PROXYMESH_20: access to 2 proxy server networks
  • PROXYMESH_50: access to 5 proxy server networks
  • PROXYMESH_100: access to 11 proxy server networks

Additional proxies can also be added to your plan for $10/month each. There is also an open proxies server included in every plan, which provides access to hundreds of open proxies around the world. PROXYMESH_50 plans and above can also choose a world proxy server that provides 25,000 static IPs around the world.

Are there plans for other proxy server locations?

Yes, more locations will be added over time, based on demand and availability.

How many outgoing IPs do you have?

There are currently 10 outgoing IPs at each of the proxy server locations (for 150 total), and since these rotate twice a day, you effectively have access to 20 IPs per location per day, for a total of 300 IPs per day. The open proxies server may have anywhere from 100 to over 1000 IPs, and the world proxy server has about 25,000 IPs.

How often do the IP addresses change?

The 15 main proxy server networks change IPs every 12 hours, providing a total of 300 different IPs every day (and you don't have to do any manual switching). The rotation times are staggered, so they don't rotate all at once.

The open proxies change at a rate of about 100/hour (~100 removed, ~100 new). The world proxy IPs rarely change.

Will this work for scraping Google, Craigslist, or LinkedIn?

Probably not. If you need to scrape Google, Craigslist, LinkedIn, or do any SEO related web scraping, please look elsewhere, such as Trusted Proxies.

Can I stream video or play online games thru the proxy server?

Maybe, but that's not what ProxyMesh was designed for, and you'd probably use a lot more bandwidth than you'd expect. A better option is to use a VPN such as Hide My Ass or a web proxy with a persistent IP, like WonderProxy.

Is there any software to download & install?

No (we hate that as much as you). There is absolutely no software to download or install. All you have to do is configure your existing client to use our proxy server.

Does this service require a VPN?

Nope, we use the existing HTTP protocol, so any HTTP client can access our proxy servers without going through a VPN.

Do you support the SOCKS protocol?

No, we only support the HTTP protocol right now.

Does the proxy server support HTTPS/SSL sites?

Yes. The proxy server itself is still HTTP, but it can securely proxy HTTPS/SSL connections between you and a HTTPS server (using the CONNECT method). All communication between your client/browser and the secure site is encrypted; the proxy server is only moving the data back and forth. The only caveat is that since the proxy server cannot inspect HTTPS requests, all proxy authorization headers or custom ProxyMesh headers must be sent with the initial CONNECT method. IP based authentication is recommended. End-to-end HTTPS support will be added in the future.

How do I configure my program to use your proxy?

Check out our HTTP client examples to see how to set the Proxy-Authorization header in various HTTP clients. If your client isn't covered and you'd like see an example, then send us an email. You can also use IP address authentication, which allows you to add multiple IP addresses to your account. Once you've subscribed, you'll receive the specific address and port of our proxy server, and can add IP addresses or configure the Proxy-Authorization header.

How do I configure my web browser to use your proxy?

See how to change your IP address with a proxy server for links to proxy configuration instructions for specific browsers. The easiest way to use a browser with ProxyMesh is to add your IP address from the dashboard, and then tell your browser to use our proxy auto-configuration url, which you can also find in your dashboard.

How does the service work?

We have our own python based proxy server that forwards your requests through a set of rotating squid proxies. Your requests are not changed in the process, except to remove the following request headers in order to protect your privacy and anonymity, so that your requests cannot be traced back:

  • Authorization
  • From
  • Proxy-Authorization
  • Proxy-Connection
  • Via
  • X-Forwarded-For

Is there a way to control the IP addresses?

Yes, you can send custom headers to the proxy server to control which IP addresses you use. This is documented in How to Control the IP Address of the ProxyMesh Proxy.

Which plan should I choose?

It depends on how much bandwidth you expect to use each month, how many sub accounts you need, and which proxy server locations you want access to. If you expect to use less than 20GB of bandwidth, don't need sub accounts, and only want to access a single proxy server, then the ProxyMesh 10 plan is the best deal. If you expect to use between 20GB and 60GB each month, need sub accounts, and/or you want access to 2 proxy server networks, then you should choose ProxyMesh 20. For 60GB - 200GB per month, access to 5 proxy servers, and up to 50 sub accounts, choose ProxyMesh 50. If you expect to use over 200GB per month and/or want access to 11 or more proxy servers, choose ProxyMesh 100.

Once I signup, is there a way to monitor my bandwidth usage?

Yes, once you signup you'll have access to a dashboard showing your current bandwidth usage and an estimate of your next bill. If you are using sub accounts, their bandwidth will be tracked as well. You also have the ability to set monthly and total bandwidth limits, to keep usage costs under control.

What are Sub Accounts?

Sub accounts are intended for web scraping professionals and companies that are using ProxyMesh on behalf of a client or customer and wish to pass on the costs. For example, if you are using ProxyMesh with Phantombuster on behalf of a client, you can use sub accounts to track the bandwidth used on your client's behalf, then bill them for it, at whatever price you wish. Sub accounts will have the same proxy access that your main account has, but will have their own usernames and can have their own authenticated IP addresses.

Do you accept international credit cards?

Yes we do, and we have international customers that are successfully using the service. If you do have any problems subscribing with your credit card, then please contact us.

Is there a test account I can use?

Yes, if you'd like to evaluate the service , you can signup for a free trial.