About ProxyMesh

ProxyMesh was created in 2011 to solve the problem of IP bans at an affordable price. We know how necessary proxies are from our own experiences with high volume web scraping and subsequent IP blocking. The only reliable way for small companies and individuals to crawl the web is with proxy servers. But open proxies are too slow and error prone, and manually managing IP switching is too much work. Other proxy businesses provide static IPs or cost too much. So we engineered ProxyMesh to be an affordable proxy service, providing high quality, fast, and reliable proxies with IP rotation.

ProxyMesh first started with a single US proxy server and 10 rotating IP addresses. This one location was cost effective enough to operate and test the model of shared rotating IP addresses. Sharing IP addresses is possible because customers have diverse web scraping needs, and beneficial because it reduces prices for everyone. As customer demand has grown, more proxies have been added, leading to proxy locations all over the world.

Today ProxyMesh happily serves over 1000 customers from dozens of countries around the world, proxying many terabytes of traffic each month. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to...