Hostname Authentication

12 October 2013
ProxyMesh supports hostname authentication for dynamic IP addresses that can be used in conjunction with dynamic DNS.

Reliable Open Proxies

03 March 2013
ProxyMesh provides an open proxies server that includes over 1000 open proxy IPs, which are comprehensively checked every 15 minutes.

Avoid Rate Limits with a Rotating IP Changer Proxy

05 January 2013
A rotating change IP proxy will help you avoid IP address rate limiting and throttling because it will rotate IP address for each request.

ProxyMesh Bandwidth Price Reductions

05 January 2013
All ProxyMesh plans comes with more bandwidth, and the higher plans have reduced bandwidth prices.

How to Change your IP Address with a Proxy Server

05 January 2013
How to change your IP address by configuring your operating system or web browser to use a Proxy Server.

Control the IP Address of the ProxyMesh Proxy

05 January 2013
How to use custom headers to control the IP address selection behavior of the ProxyMesh proxy server.

Don't Trust Free Anonymous Proxy Servers

05 January 2013
Free anonymous proxy servers cannot be trusted. They do not provide reliable service or a privacy policy, and may be operated with malicious intent. But commercial proxy servers have every incentive to provide a clear privacy policy, reliable service, and have no malicious intent.

Hide your IP Address with a Proxy IP Server

05 January 2013
A proxy IP server will hide your IP address behind an anonymous proxy. A rotating IP changer proxy is even better, as it gives you a random IP address for each request.

High Anonymous Proxy Servers

05 January 2013
Rotating proxy services like ProxyMesh and TOR provide higher anonymity than static IP address proxy servers. When IP addresses rotate periodically, it is harder to track you. Using hundreds of static proxy servers can be less anonymous, and it's harder to configure and use them. Open proxies are even worse because they are slow and unreliable.

Paypal Subscriptions

05 January 2013
ProxyMesh supports both paypal and credit card subscriptions

The Proxy Auto-Configuration URL

05 January 2013
A proxy auto-configuration is a simple way to configure your web browser to use a proxy server. The url provides a PAC file with a javascript function the browser uses to automatically configure the proxy server for each request. To use the automatic configuration url with authenticated proxy servers requires IP address authentication.

ProxyMesh Europe Survey

05 January 2013
ProxyMesh will be expanding to Europe and would like your feedback.

Realtime Bandwidth Tracking

05 January 2013
Track ProxyMesh bandwidth usage in realtime on your account dashboard, and see past usage as well.

ProxyMesh Sub Accounts

05 January 2013
Sub accounts are designed for professionals and companies using ProxyMesh on behalf of one or more clients. Using sub accounts allows you track bandwidth usage for each account so you can later bill your clients for the bandwidth used by their associated sub account.

UK Rotating Proxy Server

05 January 2013
ProxyMesh UK rotating proxy server is now available and an ideal option for customers based in the UK or Europe. It has 10 rotating UK IP addresses to create a high anonymous proxy server.

Using ProxyMesh with Visual Web Ripper

05 January 2013
Visual Web Ripper is a web content extraction tool. You can use anonymous proxy servers with it to change your IP address. But you need to setup IP authentication in ProxyMesh to configure Visual Web Ripper to use the ProxyMesh proxy server.

Why you should use a Rotating Proxy Server

05 January 2013
Using a rotating proxy server like ProxyMesh for ip address rotation disguises your ip address better than a normal proxy server because ip addresses are rotated periodically.

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